Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chevy traverse

Just watched a commercial for chevy traverse, mid-sized suv. Anyway, the dad says to the little girl in the back seat, "Did I ever tell you about growing up with 4 sisters?" She say's, "Sounds like fun." He chuckled and said, "Yeah, for them!"

Made me think about Zach and his 4 sisters.
We had dinner with Warren and Nina Lehr this evening. booked a flight to Denver where we are going to rent a car and drive up to Steamboat Springs or Vail or somewhere. Warren has time-share points. Flying out on Mar. 11, ski 3 days, fly back on the 15th. Cool, huh.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Without Cable ...

Wow, today was kinda crazy. It was supposed to drop 8 feet of snow, which turned out to be nothing by evening but wetness. I went to the gym at 5, did a marathon workout in 45 mins. push/pull/lunge ... abs, stretch go home. Trash day, so curb the can. Hair cut, shower, breakfast of champions (protein shake and a cup of coffee). My lovely wife is my stylist. She is very meticulous with the No. 2 guard.
Once at work, I had 1 hour to get my reports done from last Friday, visit with all my people, and get everything lined out before I had to go to north Tulsa and crawl under a house in the wet snow. Sam wanted to tell me about his Focus on the Family Bible study. Troy had to tell me about the Saints winning the super bowl, waving his Saints flag. Randy brought me a gun to check out -- cute little .380 semi.
It didn't start snowing until I got to the first house at 9:00. The flakes were as big as silver dollars. (You have to be over 50 to know how big a silver dollar is. It is smaller than a tennis ball, but bigger than a golf ball.) I had time to go back to the office and enjoy a bowl of Josh Langlias soup for lunch. Josh made it for me and Zach when we went to his place in Denver a few weeks ago to go skiing. He sent Vicki the recipe and she made it over the weekend, but was not happy with how it turned out, so she let me take it to work. Nobody there liked it either. I thought it was awsome. Kinda Tia ... had coconut milk and curry with all kinds of veggies and hot pepper. Back to inspecting with a full tummy, finished up in Sapulpa.
I was planning on running this evening. Even took my running clothes into the office to change before I went back to the gym to run on the treadmill. Something always happens. It was late, I was tired, so I took it straight home to see my hair stylist/personal chef.
Belinda Sears had been to our house all day with her son Mason, painting in the workout room (Shannon's old room) and in the girls bathroom. I don't know what they did to the cable (probably nothing) but it quit working after they left. I got home to a blank TV, so no news, no Entertainment Tonight. No stupid sitcoms. No movies. No sports. After our awesome supper, I spent the next hour on the phone with Cox trying to figure it out. We re-booted, ping-ed, unplugged and plugged everything back in to no avail. The technician is coming out tomorrow between 1 an 4.
The cool thing about having no TV for the evening is I got to set down and look at facebook and blogger. I watched a cool video of Lola ooh-ing and aah-ing (or of Amanda coxing Lola to ooh and aah). I didn't burn many calories, but found time to blog a little myself. Now I look up and it is 10:30 pm. Way past my bedtime. 4:30 comes early, and back to the report writing, invoicing and inspecting of 5 or 6 more houses tomorrow.