Thursday, October 30, 2008

My cousin Robert Bruce Bacon and I once shot an alegator snapping turtle with a b-b gun.  It took about 100 bb's to kill the monster.  Then we drug it out of the woods, through the sandy bottom creek to his house.  we were so proud.
In Batesville, AR we went on an exploration hike, down to the dam and came across a 'wild' tomatoe plant that had several large green tomatoes. We picked the tomatoes and some how, i don't remember how, but we carried the tomatoes over to the bridge across the White River, climbed the steel trusses of the bridge to the top, and out over the traffic below.  We then dropped the tomatoes onto the cars and trucks.  It is hard to judge, but we finally landed one tomatoes onto the windshield of a car, which stopped and looked all around for the source of the tomato bomb.  She never looked up!  We were again, quite proud, and after hearing all the stories of stuff our dads had done when they were kids, we went back to Grannies house and told on ourselves.  They kinda yelled at us, but we really didn't get into bad trouble.  Grannie gave us more grief than our parents did.
Uncle Bob, Robert's dad, took me, Robert and one of Robert's friends to some caves that we crawled through, waded through, and nearly swam through.  We weaved ourselves through boulders that had fallen from the roof of the caves, nearly got lost several times but had the most fun as we explored the unknown of darkness under the earth.  Crystal quartz, stalagmites and tites, and just downright cool stuff, we spelunked for hours before we finally found our way out of teh maze of tunnels and caverns.
Uncle Bob made one man sail boats that we took out to the lake of the pines and I got blown across the lake by a freak thunderstorm.  
Blogging is so hard for me.  I have lots of things on my mind, but I cannot think of anything excellent to say when I sit down to the dashboard.  I feel like a cello.  There is deep rich tone, but when I draw my bow across the strings, all I get is irregular screechy tones.
Oh well, I'm taking the day off tomorrow to go hunting with my Thompson Center Omega muzzel loader.  Wake up at 4:00, dress and drive 70 miles to the lease.  load my weapon, jump on the 4-wheeler and ride into the woods, set down in my ground blind around 6:15, set till 6:45 in the dark, then set some more, at least till about 11:00, go eat lunch, then back in the woods, walk around till about 4:30, then set down till dark, walk out, ride back to the truck, drive home and shower about 9:00 pm.  Sounds fun?  What if I see the monster buck of the woods, shoot him, track him down, field dress him, load him on the 4-wheeler after a photo or two, and then head home.  More fun?  
OK, my cousin Robert Bruce lost his 15 year old son today.  Joseph was bike riding with his brothers Samuel and Joel, turned left in front of a speeding car and was killed.  I want to go out there to be with the family.  They live in North Carolina.  I haven't seen him since the twins were crawling.