Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weather Forecast

I was supposed to go fishing this morning with the Marnatha Bass Club on Birch Lake, which is in Osage County near Barnsdall. We met Thursday night and decided that the weather forecast was calling for thunderstorms all day, 70% chance of precipitation with wind gusts like 25 mph. We decided to move this tourney to May 15. I was really relieved, because I was able to get my reports done and go car shopping with Angela. It was really disheartening though, because the weather was calm all day, until late evening and we could have ... should have fished. I'm thinking the weather men should stick to telling us what happened and quit trying to tell us what to expect in the next couple of days. That way we do what we plan and don't base our plans on the most believable witch doctor weather forecast. I mean, Vortex 2 is the latest magic word used by these mystical TV weather men. Before it was Doppler 6 and Viper 3D. I wish it had rained and the wind blown, and hail fallen. At least then I could say, "Boy, I'm sure glad we didn't go fishing today." I am glad we moved the tournament to May 15, but I can't say it because the weather was really good for fishing.