Saturday, October 31, 2009

No longer a fantasy hunter: Date Night

No longer a fantasy hunter: Date Night

Date Night

I took my true love out to dinner and a concert last night. We went to El Guapo's downtown and had some Mexican cuisine. I had Snapper Azul (it was not blue, so I looked it up later and found out it is a town in Argentina). It was grilled Snapper with green olives and capers over rice. We had ceviche, which is a kind of seafood salsa, but was more like a shrimp cocktail, as an appetizer. The meal was about $50, so I figured a $10 tip would be nice, but only had a $100 bill, 2 $20's and a $10. Vicki swapped me a 20 for the 10, so I left him 3 $20's and we dismissed ourselves. In swapping money I must have dropped the $100 bill, cause its gone and that's the only place I had my money out. Pretty great tip. We decided he must have needed the money worse than me.
After dinner we went to the Cains Ballroom to watch the Church Music Tour of the David Crowder Band. I thought since the tickets had section and seat numbers, that they must have set up chairs, in sections and rows, so when we saw the line outside of the door, we sat in the car and waited till the line dwindled down a bit, since it was a little chilly out last night. Wrong as usual. It was as usual at the Cains, open ballroom with stage up front and it was a sold out venue. No worries, though, we wedged ourselves to the front right of the stage (very close to the speakers). I looked around the ballroom all night to see if there was anyone anywhere that was close to our age. We were the only 50+ couple in the room. The first two bands on the tour were Seabird (a NickleBack wannabe, but really pretty descent). the second act was a duo. The lead singer was from San Diego, and he played the keyboards, guitar and sang. The other guy was a percussionist deluxe. This guy played with his bare hands at times, slapping the cymbals, standing up to bang a row of base drums like you might see in the symphony, and then turning around to shred the drum set. it was all we could do to occasionally look at the singer because the drummer kept you attention the whole time. Cool dude for sure.
Then, wow, David Crowder came out. This six man band was all dressed in suit and ties, possibly mocking "church music" but they really did look sharp. There music is some of the most worshipfull music of the modern day if you've never heard them, but they are also one of the most rocking bands in the contemporary music world. Lights, smoke, and very very fun. They rocked the house for almost 2 hours! Everybody was singing the music right along with the band. the kid behind me not only knew every word to every song, he even knew the little sounds David made between verses and was a pretty good singer too. Vicki and I sang right along with the band, even on songs were were not that familiar with, 'cause they had the words on a screen across the stage for us to read. The dance floor of the Cains has a little spring-i-ness to it so we bounced along with the young people all around us. I was sad because I forgot my camera, but I will say that it was without a doubt the funnest concert I have ever experienced.

No mas carne para this ambre

Well, I sat in my ground blind for 4.5 hours, got up at 11 and started walking around in the woods, stalking for deer. At 11:40 I saw some gray color and stopped for a closer look. It was a deer but I couldn't see if it had antlers. I can only take a doe, since I got my buck last weekend. After a few seconds she turned her head and I saw that there were no antlers. She was standing between two trees at about 80 yards up a little rise to the west from where I stood, but I had what I thought was an open shot at her kill zone, so I squeezed the trigger on my muzzle loader and it leaped in my arms, white smoke filing the air in front of me. there was a stiff breeze, so the smoke cleared quickly to reveal that the deer was still standing in the same place. Not what I expected to see. She should have spun, stumbled and trotted off, only to fall and breath no more. She was looking around to see where the noise came from, so I began searching my pocket for a re-load. before I cold get the pre-loaded cartridge out of my pocket, she spotted me. I was cammo-ed out so she didn't know that I was not a strange looking bush, but any movement would give me away. I know from experience that she will not stand and stare for long, so I moved ever so slowly to re-load my gun. The impossible thing though is you have to pull the long ram-rod out of the stock and push with all your might to drive the bullet down the barrel. With that she bolted, and was gone. I walked the distance, following a straight line of site to where she was previously standing and saw a fat stick that was recently broken. I'm only guessing that was the stick that either disintegrated my bullet or caused it to ricochet off into outer space or somewhere. No mas carne para this ambre.